Behavior & Training

  • My Definition of PUPPY SOCIALIZATION (4/29/2014) - By Monique Anstee Victoria, British Columbia Dogs need to be socialized. This means they need to be able to handle a variety of floor surfaces. They need to be able to think their way through stress. They must be presented with problems that they can solve, and stressful situations that they can master and feel … Continue reading »
  • 5 Steps to Ruining a Dog (1/16/2014) - Please read this article in entirety by clicking here: 5 Steps to Ruining a Dog.  Below is an excerpt of this short but excellent article on training and behavior mistakes people make with their dogs. Because Weimaraners are prone to anxiety problems, these two paragraphs are particularly important. Never reward signs of anxiety in your dog. … Continue reading »
  • How kids (and adults) should NOT interact with dogs (3/22/2013) - It amazes me to no end that kids (and adults) for that matter, do these things to my dogs and expect the dog to “just be ok” with it. I can’t stare-down my own dog and have him be “ok with it”. Hello people! If it’d freak you out, it’s going to freak the dog … Continue reading »
  • He Just Wants To Say “Hi!”: (1/11/2013) - Aggression or appropriate response to rudeness? Far too many dogs suffer because handlers & trainers don’t know the difference between the two. This is a lengthy article, but take the time to read it especially if you have a new puppy! A lot of behavioral problems in dogs are developed when dogs are young by … Continue reading »
  • Crate training (8/24/2012) - Probably the most important piece of equipment you will ever buy is a dog crate. The dog crate is accepted, trusted, and taken for granted by dog show exhibitors, obedience and field trial competitors, trainers, breeders, groomers, vets and anyone else who regularly handles dogs. Individual pet owners, however, often reject the idea of a … Continue reading »
  • Doggie language, starring Boogie the Boston Terrier (8/17/2012) - Yanked shamelessly from Facebook!
  • Trimming dog toenails (8/16/2012) - I’ll never forget the day Jane Forsyth, long time breeder/owner/exhibitor, chewed me out because my show dogs’ toenails were too long. She made a point of giving me reserve just to show that little things can make the difference. My dogs aren’t any better about allowing me to do their nails than they were 15 … Continue reading »
  • Doggie body buffer zone (8/16/2012) - From time-to-time I come across things on Facebook or the general internet that are useful. This was a good illustration! I had a Weimaraner years ago who had been attacked by a Brittany Spaniel. The dog attached itself to his throat. He was forever unnerved by smaller dogs coming up under him. Some people didn’t … Continue reading »