Canine Reproduction

  • Hypomylenation in Weimaraners : The Final Shake Down (3/12/2014) - This is a long entry for me. I realize that not many people stick with things past the third paragraph. Give it a shot though, I have a lot to say. On Jan. 7 of this year I received an e-mail from Dr.Duncan, a scientist we’ve worked with for many years. I think it is … Continue reading »
  • Teeny tiny puppies (4/11/2013) - I can’t imagine having puppies this small.
  • Adventures in Canine Artificial Insemination : Inaugural Edition (1/18/2013) - Modern veterinary practices make using stud dogs, in other parts of the country, much more accessible than in the past. In the old days, if you lived in Colorado and wanted to to breed your female to a stud in Florida, you either risked shipping her or planned 10 days off from your normal life … Continue reading »
  • Canine pregnancy (12/20/2012) - I found this great online presentation from Royal Canin describing the stages of canine pregnancy. It’s pretty amazing! Puppies go from a ball of cells to a fully developed puppy in 60 days. You’ll need the most recent version of flash player. Click here to visit the web site!
  • Long-term health risks and benefits associated with spay/neuter in dogs (9/25/2012) - By Laura J. Sanborn April 1, 2007 INTRODUCTION Dog owners in America are frequently advised to spay/neuter their dogs for health reasons. A number of health benefits are cited, yet evidence is usually not cited to support the alleged health benefits. When discussing the health impacts of spay/neuter, health risks are often not mentioned. At … Continue reading »