You have the right to stay out of jail

I posted this for my dog show friends who live in Colorado who may be traveling out of state. Because of our Marijuana laws, it’s been reported that law enforcement in other states are profiling vehicles with Colorado plates as potential law-breakers. Dog show fanciers beware! We all drive large vehicles for the most part, often with multiple people of varying ages and types as passengers, roof boxes, cargo trailers, motor homes, you name it… all things that would attract the attention of highway patrol (well, other than the fact that Coloradans are known lead-foots, watch your speed!).

If you are pulled over, know your rights.

Know Your Rights

News & notes from the dog show trail, Feb.20


What I felt like doing after day three of a five-day up at 4:15 a.m. marathon.

The Colorado Kennel Club / Plum Creek Kennel Club dog show kicked off our show season this last weekend. I skipped last year’s installment of the Rocky Mountain Cluster because Katie whelped her litter on Feb.18. This year I signed up for all four days.

Four days of showing dogs is grueling under most circumstances. This year Onofrio (the dog show superintendent) put us at 8 a.m. three days, and 9 a.m. one day. Because I only live 70 minutes away from the National Western Complex, I do not normally get a hotel in Denver. With an 8 a.m. call, that means I get out of bed at 4:15.

In case you’re wondering what takes me so long in the morning, I’ll tell you! I have to let all the dogs out, get them back in, feed them, make sure the show dogs are not soiled in any way, fix my hair, put on makeup, load the dogs in the car and put on my show clothes. I will leave it up to your imagination as to which of those activities is the most time consuming.

The dog show went well with a few minor bumps. Here are the bullet-point highlights:

  • Lillian took Best of Winners on Sat. She now has 10 points and one major. Lillian turned one year old on Feb.18.
  • Ducky picked up four single points with George handling him. He is now up to 9 points and one major. Ducky has been notoriously over-happy in the show ring. We call him “bucky-Ducky”. George is, “not the momma” so he behaved a lot better for him.
  • Mac went to the show and had a great time meeting everyone. It is a secret as to when I will take him out to be a show dog. Watch out world!
  • Heidi got to show on Monday for the Veterans Special Exhibition. We were not able to stay for group because of some other commitments later on Monday. She was happy but really exhausted when we got home. The judge said, “She looks fantastic for 9 1/2, I never would have guessed!”. Heidi doesn’t know it, but saying that is a little like a cute waiter mistaking me for a 27-year-old. I’ll bask in the compliment for her
  • My apologies to Susan Line who probably thought I was nuts when I said, “I’m not going to the nationals this year because May is a bad month for me.” The Weimaraner national is in April, doh! I do have a good excuse for not going though. I will explain my excuses shortly.
  • Congratulations to all winners. It’s a feat just to make it to a dog show these days. You should always feel lucky and proud when you walk away with a ribbon.
  • In four days I went through seven pairs of pantyhose. I think the nylon must get brittle when it’s cold. I guess I could wear pants.

8wks-yellow-girlOn Sunday, I had the chance to help grade a litter of 10 puppies out of my dog Gunnie. This required an extra 45 miles to the north which was not bad going up, but certainly seemed a lot longer going home. The puppies were very happy and cooperative. Even though it was 10 puppies, they all stacked up for us nicely and we got some great photos and notes. I was not as exhausted afterward as I had anticipated. If I were not already one show-dog short of a crazy dog lady, I’d be taking this little honey home with me. That’s me behind the puppy, wearing my goofy Maggie Simpson pearls.

Monday morning rolled around and the last day of the dog show went by quickly. I got a call from our canine reproduction specialist in Fort Collins. They wanted Ruby there for artificial insemination at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Getting up one more day at 4:15 a.m. was not going to kill me.  That does not mean it wasn’t going to be hard to muster another early morning.

The artificial insemination went well and with luck, we’ll have some new Weimaraners coming into the world the same weekend as the national specialty. See! I have a great excuse for not showing up. We’ll see everyone at the nationals in Long Beach, Calif. in 2014.

And we’re off…

We are just about to leave for the Weimaraner national specialty in Belton, Texas. The show starts on Monday the 15th of Oct. If you’re interested in coming, visit for the judging program and additional information. I am showing four dogs (!). Gunnie, Piper, Byron and lil’ sticky lips Lillian. Wish us luck! I will be posting here or on my Facebook page, .

How many tries does it take to stack a Weimaraner puppy?

We take a lot of photos of our dogs. Sometimes they turn out great! Sometimes we take 20 to get one good shot, especially if it’s a puppy. I thought this would be a great demonstration of the patience and time it takes to teach a puppy to stack.

The puppy in these photos is Emma Jean. She is five months old. She has a mind of her own (obviously). I think it’s important not to push too hard, so if it doesn’t work out, we just take a break…

For dog show people, this a little like watching  a blooper reel…

Greeley Kennel Club dog show and my pantyhose problem

Myself with six-month-old Lillian. She is a happy character, but not much of a show dog (yet).  We will get there, sooner or later.

The past weekend we attended the Greeley Kennel Club dog show at Island Park. It is one of the larger shows in Colorado, and one of the few on grass. Congratulations to all winners! We were lucky to be counted among them this weekend. Byron, 14 months old, took Best of Winners on Saturday for two points. Thanks to JoAnna for allowing me to steal her boy for the weekend.

This was also the first weekend for my puppy Lillian. She had a lot of fun at my expense. On Sunday, she got to have fun at George’s expense. She loves her squeaky toys and anybody who will pay attention to her. We’ll make her in to a show dog at some point, but not just yet. Her crate in the car looks like a spoiled little girls’ bedroom. There are two cushions and lots of happy, bright toys.

It was hot this weekend, particularly on Saturday! There are some oddities to dog show etiquette we all follow, or don’t follow, or struggle with following. One of those oddities is wearing pantyhose.

I grew up wearing nylons int he show ring and I’ve never been able to give it up, even on a 90 degree day. YES, I realize the tomfoolery! Guys generally wear sport jackets in the ring, even if it is a 90 degree day. Perhaps it is a badge of honor to nearly die of heatstroke in order to preserve tradition.

On Saturday, I overcame the insanity and actually went in the ring without pantyhose. Granted, I substituted the nylons with a can of spray tan.

On Sunday I gave in and was back to wearing nylons. I guess I made one small step for womankind.  I admit I really do have a problem. It’s not as bad as alcoholism or three Starbucks-runs a day, but it is psychobabble all the same.

I’ll just keep chanting “bare legs good, nylons bad’… um… maybe not.

Stay tuned for my report from the Cheyenne (Wyo.) Kennel Club next. For more information about upcoming shows, visit Jack Onofrio Dog Shows.