• Sportsmanship (10/22/2012) - By Gregory Alden Betor Swiped from Facebook… When it comes to dog show, what is sportsmanship? In my opinion, it is a great deal more than saying “Thank you” to the judge or giving the winner of the class a big smile and a “Congratulations.” Sportsmanship at a dog show isn’t any different than “sportsmanship” … Continue reading »
  • Long-term health risks and benefits associated with spay/neuter in dogs (9/25/2012) - By Laura J. Sanborn April 1, 2007 INTRODUCTION Dog owners in America are frequently advised to spay/neuter their dogs for health reasons. A number of health benefits are cited, yet evidence is usually not cited to support the alleged health benefits. When discussing the health impacts of spay/neuter, health risks are often not mentioned. At … Continue reading »
  • Breeding Better Dogs (9/12/2012) - If you’re interested in learning about breeding strategy, genetics, choosing sires and dams, and choosing the right puppy, this web site is an excellent resource: . I have a copy of Carmelo Battaglia’s book “Breeding Better Dogs”. I read it a few times a year to remind me of how to set goals for … Continue reading »
  • AKC Code of Sportsmanship (6/19/2012) - A little reminder of the reason we show dogs and participate in a community. A good attitude goes a long way. Taken from PREFACE: The sport of purebred dog competitive events dates prior to 1884, the year of AKC’s birth. Shared values of those involved in the sport include principles of sportsmanship. They are … Continue reading »