Greeley Kennel Club dog show and my pantyhose problem

Myself with six-month-old Lillian. She is a happy character, but not much of a show dog (yet).  We will get there, sooner or later.

The past weekend we attended the Greeley Kennel Club dog show at Island Park. It is one of the larger shows in Colorado, and one of the few on grass. Congratulations to all winners! We were lucky to be counted among them this weekend. Byron, 14 months old, took Best of Winners on Saturday for two points. Thanks to JoAnna for allowing me to steal her boy for the weekend.

This was also the first weekend for my puppy Lillian. She had a lot of fun at my expense. On Sunday, she got to have fun at George’s expense. She loves her squeaky toys and anybody who will pay attention to her. We’ll make her in to a show dog at some point, but not just yet. Her crate in the car looks like a spoiled little girls’ bedroom. There are two cushions and lots of happy, bright toys.

It was hot this weekend, particularly on Saturday! There are some oddities to dog show etiquette we all follow, or don’t follow, or struggle with following. One of those oddities is wearing pantyhose.

I grew up wearing nylons int he show ring and I’ve never been able to give it up, even on a 90 degree day. YES, I realize the tomfoolery! Guys generally wear sport jackets in the ring, even if it is a 90 degree day. Perhaps it is a badge of honor to nearly die of heatstroke in order to preserve tradition.

On Saturday, I overcame the insanity and actually went in the ring without pantyhose. Granted, I substituted the nylons with a can of spray tan.

On Sunday I gave in and was back to wearing nylons. I guess I made one small step for womankind.  I admit I really do have a problem. It’s not as bad as alcoholism or three Starbucks-runs a day, but it is psychobabble all the same.

I’ll just keep chanting “bare legs good, nylons bad’… um… maybe not.

Stay tuned for my report from the Cheyenne (Wyo.) Kennel Club next. For more information about upcoming shows, visit Jack Onofrio Dog Shows.