Spooky dog food

I buy a  lot of dog food. When I buy dog food, I buy 4-6 bags at a time, so I’m not making a trip to pick it up every three days.  The bulk of what we are feeding right now is Purina ProPlan Large Breed Adult formula. We’ve fed ProPlan off and on for 15 years and generally, our dogs do well on it. We use a few other types of food as well.

Last Thursday, I found out PetSmart was having a sale, so along with my $7 checks from Purina, I would receive $10 off per bag. PetSmart and PetCo trade off having sales on their ProPlan so I always do a little research before heading out to buy food.

I loaded up the four bags they had on the shelf, browsed the collars, bought some duck-and-potato treats for the dog show, and then checked out. The clerk was particularly nice and chatty. She talked about her five dogs and the cat that seems to be living on borrowed time.

Three days later we opened one of the bags to dump it into the dispensing bin. My mom shriveled her brow.

“There’s something weird about this food. Look at the webs.”

Sure enough, there was a spider-web-like substance on the inside of the bag at the top.

A few minutes later, after starting to dish out the food, we found the kibble was infested with cocoons and moths. I keep my receipts for tax purposes anyway, so I thought I’d just take the bag back. After all, I found something strange in my cereal that very morning. Sometimes things just happen.

Then we opened the second bag, the third bag, and the fourth bag. All four bags were infested. What a pain! Granted, some of the dogs have a steady diet of miller moths during the late spring and early summer. Like anything else, there is a difference between catching it in the wild and finding it haphazardly in product that was guaranteed to be “inspected”. The moths had been in there long enough to hatch out of their cocoons and start flying. From their munching, the dog food was crumbly and decayed.

The four bags were loaded back into the car for their return trip to PetCo. I took a zip-baggie with some of the grosser specimens into the store with me, and got into line.  The clerk remembered me and ordered one of the stock guys to help me bring the food in for inspection.

The assistant manager and I talked for a few moments. She wanted to look in one of the bags.

“There are live ones in that  bag, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to bring it into the store, ” I said, pointing to the bag in the middle.

Without hesitation, she removed the tape and parted the top of the bag. On cue , 10 little moths came shooting out of the bag, randomly darting around like bats flying out of a cave for the first time. Some made a bee line up to the fluorescent lights,  few others flew right into the store clerk’s face.

“Ew ew ew…I am going call them right away, that’s disgusting! We need to put these in plastic bags now! ”

I thought she was going to puke.

They didn’t have any replacement dog food for me. Thankfully I was issued a refund plus a little extra for my trouble. They wanted to send me to another store location to pick up a few bags but I thought it may have come off of the same lot.  Thankfully I have other choices for where to shop and the kind of dog food to buy!